Weight and older dating

As soon as my overall health improved, those things disappeared.

Diet and exercise will take years off, I don't think I've seen anyone age from weight loss if done in a healthy manner. Most people look younger when they lose weight so your friend is a rareity i believe.

I think wrinkles and sags are more unappealing than a little pouch. That's awful - personally I think it's better for a woman to let her figure go a little (A LITTLE) and dress and style her hair in an age appropriate manner - the overall effect is much more youthful and attractive than the crazy Granny-Barbie look!! I'll choose looking older because if I have too much weight I won't spend much time looking older.

ALSO, have you ever had that experience where you see a woman in a store or something and you notice she has a nice tight figure, long blonde hair and a cute outfit on and then she turns around and... As long as you stay alive you are going to continually look older.

She hated is because only "kids" would ask her out and not the older men she was interested in.

So to answer your question I don't care about how old a person looks or their weight if it is not a health issue. shouldn't make a huge difference in one's face as to making them look older unless they were thin to begin with and have gone down to skeleton status. I'm currently hanging around 45 lbs weight loss with more to go.

I think it depends how overweight a person is and whether it's endangering their health or not.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I noticed recently one of my son's friends' mothers has probably lost about 15 pounds. If you had a SO with a few extra pounds, and shedding those pounds made their face look older... I'm looking forward to becoming a dirty old man hehehehe.(This, by the way, coming from someone who has shed over 25 kilos (appx. I personally find people who try to cheat the aging process (face lifts, tummy tucks etc) unattractive. The old adage says: "As you age you have to choose between your figure and your face" - you can't have both.Diet if being overweight makes you unhappy and overly focused on yourself.thats going to be my problem. the one time i admitted my real age, the girl got mad, she thought i was being sarcastic.im afraid when i lose these last few pounds, my face will suddenly reflect my real age.i think id rather look young and husky than thin and old.i'd choose looking older. Maybe she needs to actually work on her eating habits.

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