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Kristen and Patrick dated for two years before their engagement on Christmas in Boston last year.

Even though Kristen could tell something was going on in the month or so leading up to the holiays, Patrick managed to evade her nosiness and dodged every last bullet she threw at him to catch her by surprise after Christmas dinner at her aunt’s house in front of about 30 of her relatives.

But what Patrick didn’t know was that Kristen had placed Patrick in the “friend zone” so long ago he never really stood a fighting chance (seriously, see “Just Friends” if you haven’t, it’s hilarious).

It wasn’t until a fateful ski trip to Colorado at the end of 2009 when Patrick realized that things were very different from the way Kristen hugged him when he picked her up at the airport.

To this day, Kristen still makes fun of Patrick for the first meal he ever cooked her years ago, which will mercifully remain undescribed.

Kristen is also happy to report that Patrick’s cooking skills have improved by leaps and bounds.

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Things settled down after Patrick got back, and we were able to spend time wiht our families and enjoying life in Chicago.

Clearly Patrick did not realize how their friendship worked because five minutes later Bridget dragged Kristen into the bathroom to tell Kristen what Patrick had just told her.

For the next three years, Patrick generally followed the pattern of silent admirer each year from the end of fall to the end of the following summer culminating in his annual declaration of affection.

While there, she went to see the musical ‘Fame’ with her friend Bryce and “some other person”.

That same night, Patrick also went to see ‘Fame’ with Bryce (the best man) and “some other person.” We just didn’t remember each other!

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