Ryan sheckler and taylor dating

But what keeps me away from being a normal teenager is, I'm a professional skateboarder. Kane: Yeah Ryan: Do you wanna wait 'til Saturday for me to give you your present, or tonight? B, we have been over this whole patience conversation before Taylor: We needa teach Kane patience Kane: I think I'm gonna wait Taylor: Good choice Ryan: Do you really wanna wait? Ryan: Just tryna shred (Ryan slides down ramp) Taylor: Oh My God. I just like talked to Casey, and everything seems a bit, kinda, not..

Ryan: It's No Bueno Taylor: Like Casey didn't tell me details but tell me like what happened, what are her parents like.

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Taylor: Huh, well maybe they like automatically think that since your like a professional skateboarder, then like, I dunno, they just need to get to know you Ryan: Yeah Taylor: Cause, your okay I guess. B Ryan: You should've brought me a hot blind date, like one of your dancer friends Tony: Like her mom, your mom would've been sick Ryan: That's not funny Tony.

Tony: I'm not talking about your mom, I'm talking about Alex's mom Ryan: Oh Tony: See, now its funny.

Some people especially in the Caribbean don’t think that men want to gather and share their deepest feelings, challenges and joys alike.

Big up @coco_dance_festival for doing what you do and thanks for the invite to make a difference on one of my favorite islands.

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