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The agency must then investigate the matter and correct any errors and delete any information that they are unable to verify.

The agency will also notify anyone that has received your credit report in the last twelve months about the corrections, unless you request otherwise.

Some of the things they may ask for are proof of income, employment history, a statement of assets and debts, whether you own your home, how long you have lived at your current residence, and marital status. When a business considers offering you credit, it may ask a credit reporting agency for your credit report.

Looking at information about how you handled other debts - your credit history - and other factors helps the business decide whether or not to give new credit.

Although it is an offence to knowingly supply false or misleading information to a credit reporting agency, mistakes can occur.

If you feel that your credit report contains inaccurate or incomplete information, you are entitled to notify the agency in writing that you wish to dispute the accuracy of the information contained on your file.

In Saskatchewan, licenses and regulates credit reporting agencies. These agencies have a responsibility to provide accurate and fair information.Information about a first time bankruptcy that was discharged six years or more ago and other unfavourable information (i.e.regarding debts, court judgments and criminal convictions or other matters) that is more than six years old cannot be included unless it was voluntarily provided by you.A bank or business might be reluctant to grant credit to a spouse without a credit record.The spouse may be denied credit altogether, or be forced to have someone co-sign or guarantee the indebtedness.

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