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Bildad - Another well-to-do Quaker ex-whaleman from Nantucket who owns a large share of the Pequod.

Bildad is (or pretends to be) crustier than Peleg in negotiations over wages.

As one of the principal owners of the Pequod, Peleg, along with Captain Bildad, takes care of hiring the crew.

When the two are negotiating wages for Ishmael and Queequeg, Peleg plays the generous one, although his salary offer is not terribly impressive.

His stature has earned him the nickname “King-Post,” because he resembles a certain type of short, square timber. Like Queequeg, he stowed away on a whaling ship that stopped near his home.

Daggoo is less prominent in the narrative than either Queequeg or Tashtego.

He proves a bit of a nihilist, always trusting in fate and refusing to assign too much significance to anything. Tashtego - Stubb’s harpooner, Tashtego is a Gay Head Indian from Martha’s Vineyard, one of the last of a tribe about to disappear.

Boomer lost his arm in an accident involving Moby Dick.

Father Mapple delivers a sermon on Jonah and the whale in which he uses the Bible to address the whalemen’s lives.

Learned but also experienced, he is an example of someone whose trials have led him toward God rather than bitterness or revenge.

Fedallah has a very striking appearance: around his head is a turban made from his own hair, and he wears a black Chinese jacket and pants.

He is an almost supernaturally skilled hunter and also serves as a prophet to Ahab.

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