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Brooke has been there, done that, and designed the t-shirt.She needed someone who could respect her as the woman she’d become and also to cherish the girl behind the red door she’d always be. Davis, Brooke Davis, Brooke Davis single, Brooke from One Tree Hill, clothes over bros, Friend, friendships, girl talk, Lessons from Brooke Davis about Being Single, One Tree Hill, OTH, party of one, Single, single girl, single life, single living, strong independent woman, womanbeing a party of one. Some discovered that “there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis. even if that called for a pity party on the rare occasion. When would it be her turn to be the girl who got the boy and the baby? And because being single doesn’t always feel much like a party, I thought I’d investigate just what B. Both of which are amazing.” And some just wanted to know “What’s underneath all the clothes? Brooke had it all together, but what she really desperately wanted was to together with her future husband. By the time Julian came into Brooke’s life, she was done letting people in. He was the guy who fought for her, inspired her, made her his first priority, opened her heart, exceeded her expectations, celebrated her success, and made the bad better just by being by her side.

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Over the course of her love life, she called a lot of boys “boyfriend.” There was Lucas then Felix then Lucas again then Chase and then Owen.went off the air in 2012, and Bush has only grown older and wiser in the last five years.While reading these lines that Brooke once so confidently spoke, the actress discovered that some of them hold up and some of them open up a whole other can of worms.But as Bush gets further into the video, some of the old Brooke Davis quotes start to hit home a bit more.About one of the lines about being defined by herself and her potential instead of boys, Bush shares, "I like that one, still." And she ends with her favorite: "There's a day when you realize that you're not just a survivor, you're a warrior.

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