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Jenna, a bisexual 32-year-old in San Francisco, practiced non-monogamy in various relationships throughout her twenties, though the idea wasn’t always embraced by her partners.She remembers telling her then-boyfriend when she was 25 that she wanted to hook up with others.Hi, i am a guy interested in creating a loving and caring family with two women.Ok i know this sounds strange but this is the way i want to live my life, i am not a member of some wierd religion eith I am happily married to an amazing woman and I will love her past my dying breath.Polygamy has long been a subject of controversy in Indonesia, so when online dating website-cum-application Ayo Poligami was launched, it quickly caught the attention of internet users.Launched on April 12 this year, Ayo Poligami came equipped with, as its name implies, a polygamy-related feature: a column in which a member could disclose their marital status along with a disclaimer of their spouse's permission to be polygamous.Though today Jenna is monogamously married to a man, she considers her relationship with her husband one of the only ones in which she’s wanted to be completely exclusive.

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For example, those wanting to register will need to provide a valid identification card, disclose their marital status and provide a letter of permission to remarry from their first partner.

10, via the app, which gave him the motivation to continue developing the online dating service.

“I wanted it to be a trusted online dating website,” he said.

Elma said not all members joined Ayo Poligami with their spouse's permission.

Miranti, meanwhile, interacted with men ranging from those who were polite to those who seemed polite but later engaged in so-called sex chats, while others seemingly had no clear intentions.

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