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Although a government study devoted about million to analyzing his engine, it went nowhere, partly due to auto industry inertia.

During the excitement over his engine, one high-ranking official told him that if he really thought that his engine would make the internal combustion engine obsolete, he had better start making his funeral plans.

My childhood had a significant bearing on my adult experiences.

From an early age, I was taught that I must leave the world a better place, or my life was not worth much.

I had never experienced a "higher power" before, and although I had studied spirituality intensely, I was not sure that anybody would hear my plea.

My plea was this: "If anybody can give me a hint about what to do, I desperately need your input.

One invention was considered the world's most effective engine for powering a car.

Another was a bomb that eliminated most conventional warfare without harming people (quickly suppressed by the Pentagon).

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His inventions revolutionized some industries, and some were so revolutionary that they were suppressed.Please give me a sign, I beg you." I fell into a dreamless sleep.The next morning as I lay in bed, looking across the room, my first waking thought was a voice speaking inside my head. " My only academic perspective at that time was studying "important" subjects such as chemistry and physics, or "loafing" and studying English, history, or social science.I held the dream for many years and had the chance to try making my dream a reality. In the meantime, I was graduating from high school and going to college, studying chemistry.Chemistry was my second love, an affair that began at about age twelve, after an infatuation with paleontology that began when I was eight. I had been introduced to the paranormal and spirituality a few years earlier.

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    But Tox is trying to roll both peer-to-peer and voice calling into one. Tox is actually just a protocol for encrypted peer-to-peer data transmission.