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Certainly, it’s hard to think of any other actor who says of his last film, the romantic comedy Leap Year, that ‘it’s turgid’.And,what’s more, that, ‘I just know that there are a lot of people who will say it is the worst film of 2010.’ Possibly he will be carted off in the middle of the night shortly after this interview and re-emerge with his lips sewn together, but for the moment, at least, he seems to be doing very well.And it saddens me that the romanticism has been ripped out of being an actor.’ You mean the raciness, the bad behaviour? It wasn’t like that in Peter O’Toole’s time, was it?Maybe that’s what I love.’ If anyone becomes an actor, and is lucky enough to be successful, then they should just shut up about the less-welcome stuff that comes with success.But on screen he has an intriguingly bendy quality – both physically and, so it seems, sexually. But I do think that Julian [Jarrold, the director] should have given Sebastian to me.’ Soon after the film came out, Hackett, whose posters Goode had graced for the past couple of years, dispensed with his services.In Brideshead he played Charles Ryder, who’s rather more bisexual than he likes to admit. ‘It was perfectly amicable, but I think maybe they’d banked on me becoming a bit bigger as a result of the film – and it didn’t really work out that way.’ The only thing that bothers him about being indiscreet, Goode says, is that it might make people think he doesn’t take his work seriously.

At the New York premiere of Leap Year, a journalist for New York magazine asked him about the marketing of A Single Man.

There was a time, says Matthew Goode, when actors were free to speak their minds, when agents and PRs didn’t control the film industry and it was a lot less bland as a result.

I can see a wistful gleam in his eye as he says this and it’s plain this is a time he hankers after – and indeed is on a one-man mission to recreate.

‘I did get told I would have my wrist slapped as a result, but I didn’t even know about the article.’ If Weinstein stays his hand, it may well be because he read the online comments by those who read the New York article.

They are, without exception, lavishly gushy about Goode: ‘I saw him in Brideshead Revisited and looooooved him’, ‘He is so cute’, ‘He’s such a cutie’ – and so on.

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