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Installed a rear seat (I lived in San Diego at the time), a Tuffy lock box, and chromed out almost everything (except the bumpers).Right now it's in the shop getting a new T-5 Transmission since the original T-4 ate itself up. I and a friend performed the assembly complete with new hood, fenders, one new hard door, and new super seats. Here came the spring over, shackle reversal, custom bumpers, and 35's. Planning a 350 TB and 700R4 at the same time the frame is changed out.Since then, which has been 3 years I have done nothing to it and it is driven daily.I am planning on finishing the job in the next few years when I can get time or retire in the process.I got my jeep from a friend that I work with he said one of his friends left it at his hunting cabin about 15 yrs ago and never came back for it so he bought it from him and left it there until nov 1999 I got it for 0.00 dollars u.s. stock but not for long I don't know if the mls are orig but i tend to think so the motor is strong but im gonna rebuild it soon a spring project all i had to do to get it running again was just minor tune up nothing bigowned for 1 years, rebuilt 258 ci (less than 2000 mi), rebuilt carburetor, new PS pump, rebuilt T176 trans, 300 transfer case, Procomp 3 lift and steering correction linkage, new distributor and ignition module, new shocks, silicone bushings on springs, new body bushings, 33 x 12.50 Vagabond ATs on 10 Centerline wheels, bright yellow low back seats, back seat has My Toy stitched in seat back, new black carpet, Grant steering wheel, Painless wiring, new gas tank, Kayline full soft top and full soft doors, many other new parts, just look at the PICS! It has been painted 3 times, each time a different color.I'm still working on finding the time and money to finish the rear roll bar. I had the Full Soft Top put on in 2001, and I also have a Bikini Top I just got in 2004. I sometimes think of selling, but, would seem like loosing a Family Member. No mods as of yet but this summer should definitely bring a paint job for the old girl. With only 50,000 miles I am lucky enough to be able to just pick at it when I want to and still use it as an everyday driver. My other Jeeps 1979 CJ5 just refinished,and a1980 CJ7 that has never been touched, looks like new. Current owner: Planning 4.0 L replacement, T-18 swap, Dana 44 rear, 4.56 gears, 4 BDS lift, ARB lockers front and rear, rear disc brakes, 12.5x35 mud terrains. I had the body totally redone (due to massive rust through), repainted dark GM blue (original color was blue with scrambler stripes).I love it I just wish I had the time to make it right. Things to do: Dana 44 front and rear, lockers, new 350 TBI plant, low max 4:1, led tail lights, rear seats (does anyone have a line on jump seats? Replaced the wheels with chromed ones, refinished the original wood rails, replaced all the belts, installed a steering column stabilizer, reworked all the emissions gear and had the bed lined.

I have a business repairing washers and dryers and the bed is the prefect size to hold 2 of these at a time. All 3 of my kids have played in this jeep over the years.

Note that the 27,792 total figure includes all CJ-8s sold overseas, for example. He built a 44 for the front w/ARB after I blasted the 30 at the Moab EJS. Purchased from the original owner, used it to tow behind a motor home, has been in storage for the last 12 years.....258 6cyl, she is factory stock in every respect, runs excellent, wonderful daily driver, haven't had it off-road yet, can't wait. I have owned my 1981 Scrambler for the last 15 years while it was still in it's infancy. The engine was matched through advance adapters for motor mount which the first three sets broke and had to be beefed up to handle the torque of the engine.

I will list any Scramblers junked out, like the '81 listed here. &We added Ford Explorer rear disc brakes w/custom axles. I drove it for 5 years then gave it to my son who drove it for another two years. I kept the 5-speed and installed a centerforce clutch assembly.

I BOUGHT IT IN 1998 AND HAVE REPLACED THE SEATS WITH STEEL HORSE UNITS, PUT IN A TUFFY CONSOLE, KRACO RADIO AND A CLASS III HITCH. Keep the old one's alive and drive the rare one's too. Everyone at work will ask if I'm spending time with my 'baby' on the weekends - and they don't mean my sweet spouse!

I RECENTLY BOUGHT A CJ-7 AS A DONOR AND HAVE USED THE FOLLOWING; ALL HINGES W/STAINLESS STEEL UNITS, 23 GAL TANK, 4.56 DANA 20 AXLE, 4.56 RING AND PINION FROM DANA 30, 4" LIFT, FRONT ROLL CAGE, 12.50X15-33 TIRES ON NEW ALUMINUM WHEELS, AND A 8000 LB RAMSEY WINCH, FUTURE PLANS INCLUDE A MOTOR /TRANNY SWAP (258 OR 4.0 TO A T-176 TRANS), RHINO COAT THE INSIDE, TERA LOW KIT FOR THE DANA 300, AND PAINT A GREY/BLUE COLOR. Ed Lowe I bought this from a friend who said he bought it from a farmer who stored it in a barn. (I let him drive her once last summer.) I have spotted a couple of other scramblers in the Des Moines area.

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