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The sexy backseat rendezvous is one the finest perks of car ownership, even more so than trips to Denny's and singing along with those 10 CDs you still have lying around.Everyone remembers the first car they had sex in -- and what a mess it was: dirty seats, tight spaces, shifters in places shifters should be.

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She initially only provided the man’s street name, he said.John Gray, the Mars Venus team and I are all deeply committed to helping you attract, create and nurture the love life you deserve.We are compassionate, fun, and straightforward people and we are standing in your corner, rooting for you all the way.Of course there’s room for individuality, cultural influences, modern standards and personal self-expression. BUT it helps to know what rubs men and women the right way so that you can build on a solid foundation instead of just wandering around in the dark, guessing.We want to give YOU the tools to streamline the process of finding your soul mate, committing to that love, and living happily ever after.

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