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At the beach, their secret is almost revealed by Ethan, who is frustrated with Rachel, especially for lying to people she cares about.

That night at the bar, Rachel finally tells Dex that she wants him to call off the wedding so they can be together, but he tells her that he can't.

The good news: Hudson is meant to play an awful person, and even gets the biggest laughs in the new trailer despite the presence of John Krasinski.I text my friends that I'm working and promptly turn on the TV — which I do on many Saturday nights, only usually I'm lying about the "working" part. I can only hope there is a scene where a woman eats her feelings after getting dumped. As a rom-com enthusiast, I know that since Ginnifer Goodwin is a brunette with bangs, she's meant to be the ugly/smart friend. ) — and I can tell you from experience that this will end badly. I resist the urge to yell "TOLD YA SO" at the screen when Ginnifer falls and pulls a muscle. Kate and Ginnifer dance to Salt & Peppa's "Push It," and I don't think I've ever been more delighted in my whole life. Their weddings are both disasters despite a heartfelt reconciliation. It's OK, you owe nothing to the dude you're on a date with.I am instantly proven right when Kate drunkenly yells at Ginnifer that her shoes are ugly. (So what if Ginnifer is sleeping with Colin, her BFF's fiancé, , even though the title makes me think that I won't like it, as it refers to a girl as someone else's property. I distract myself from Dane being horrible to women by thinking about his job in a logistical sense. Kate and Anne get into a full-on cat fight in their wedding dresses in front of their guests, and I'm stunned that Kate's strapless bra is holding up so well amid all the motion. I again want to yell "TOLD YA SO" for trying to plan a fancy wedding in less than four months. I begin , which I have never seen before but it's about a recently divorced couple who rediscover their love for each other while digging for treasure, so. This movie stars Matthew Mc Conaughey and Kate Hudson, a magical duo. I take out my own personal copy of It's what I've been working towards all day. Friends are support systems — pitting yourself against them for a man or for the perfect wedding is never a good idea. Kate will always end up with the man, no matter if he's perfect or a jerk. Don't stop wearing makeup, otherwise you might have cancer. A rom-com rule is a rom-com rule: If a guy makes a huge gesture to win back the girl, you must forgive him, even if he's a jerk. I guess one way to fix a divorce is to have the couple explain their divorce to an audience for a long period of time. Another alternate title: "Booty Call," Matthew's boat's name. I'm distracted from the movie because I'm trying to think of other alternate titles. Cannot think of any other alternate titles and more bad news: The bunny never makes a second appearance. But there's one way to know a man loves a woman: He buys her ice cream. (Reminder: You can also forgive him if "Fix You" is the soundtrack to his apology.) p.m.

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