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If you submitted an application with an incorrect social security number listed and have not yet paid an enrollment deposit, please fax a copy of your social security card to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with an explanation and request to have your application information updated.Upon receipt of the proper documentation, we will correct the number. If you are a current student or you are an admitted student who has recently registered for classes and wish to correct an error in your name or social security number, please follow the instructions contained in this answer.One way to update the registry is to call Setup Install From Inf Section with the SPINST_INIFILES, SPINST_REGISTRY, or SPINST_INI2REG flags specified.These flags can be combined in one call to Setup Install From Inf Section.To change the owner of a domain when the registry requires a Change of Domain Ownership form When you change the email address for the registrant contact for a domain, the registries for some TLDs require us to get authorization from the registrant contact at the old email address and at the new email address.If you receive an authorization email at the new email address, your TLD requires us to get authorization from both email addresses.

Please note that if you are a current student or have recently registered for classes, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate address information via the Student link on Wolverine Access; the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will not be able to update your contact information.

The following example uses SPINST_ALL^SPINST_FILES to indicate that the function should process all of the listed operations except file operations.

Since only INI, registry, and file operations are listed in the Install section, this is a shorthand method of specifying the function should process all INI and registry operations.

Please make sure to read the history before you edit - there may be information that is relevant to your update there .

The guidelines are the same as for adding a new release.

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