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The defaults and assumptions and wording are not the same across packages. Social scientists should generally learn SPSS as their main package, mainly because that is what their colleagues are using.Knowing how yours handles dummy coding or missing data is imperative to doing correct statistics. You can then choose something else as a backup–either SAS, R, or Stata, based on availability and which makes most sense to you logically.Other comments and considerations In some scenarios you may not want to do a silent install and instead all the user to select the options they want to install.editor, which I believe is really functional & I would love to get feedback on how to make it better.R is Ok but you have to know lots of things before you feel comfortable with it, and there are too many packages which are confusing some times.SAS is Ok but I hate its web usage and old fashion UI.For these reasons, I recommend that everyone who plans to do research for the forseeable future learn two packages. There are many great books, online tutorials, and workshops for learning all the major stats packages.

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Creating the SAS response file Perform the following to create a record file on a test system without SAS installed.

In addition SPSS has just added Bayesian Statistics and it is a huge plus. Check it out if it make sense what I have just added here! ) and Pass (good for sample size estimates) and forget the others!

Reply Hai folks Basically Iam a Statistics background student completed my graduation in Statistics And now Iam pursuing my post graduation in statistics too Iam going learn SAS is it okay for me ??

Now you need to Distribute the SAS 9.4 64Bit package to your distribution points and then Deploy the package to collections.

Creating an Uninstall Package If you have the need to silently uninstall SAS 9.4 you can create a program with the following command line to silently uninstall SAS 9.4 "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASDeployment Manager.4\sasdm.exe" -quiet -uninstallall Updating SAS with a new license file The following command can be used to update your SAS instance: One thing to note is that the above command doesn't seem to play well when called directly from the program command line.

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