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He instead accepts a previous offer he got from Pierce and moves into his mansion with him.

"Pilot": Troy and the rest of the study group meet for the first time.

The night before a big game attended by college recruiters, he intentionally dislocated both of his shoulders (or faked a knee injury, accounts vary) doing a keg flip at a party.

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"Environmental Science": Troy helps Abed recapture the mouse for their science experiment by singing "Somewhere Out There".

A news report suggests that while on the trip Troy and Le Var Burton were taken hostage by pirates. Troy began the series as an arrogant, selfish jock who was so concerned with keeping his former High School status that he wore his letterman jacket for the first few days at Greendale.

Jeff implied that Troy wanted so badly to be liked that he based a lot of what he did just for other people.

Troy later admitted he chose the school because it was close to his house and because he saw a late night commercial for Greendale in which had a student giving a thumbs up sign in a "cool way." While at GCC he grew very close to a study group he joined, particularly Abed Nadir who became his best friend and Britta Perry whom he dated for a year.

After graduating from college, he briefly re-enrolled some time later in order to discover who he was.

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