Naruto and sakura dating

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Sakura was placed on team 7 with both of her crushes Naruto and Sasuke.

Their team sensei were Kakashi Hatake and Kushina Uzumaki Uchiha.

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Summary Sakura Haruno is the daughter of ANBU Commander Damon Haruno and Medic Nin Mebuki Haruno.

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On their first C-rank mission they were surrounded by two A-rank missing ninjas.

They completed the mission and C-rank changed to an A-rank.

She is also a proud member of the Haruno and Uzumaki Clan. Sakura is best friends with Ino, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Choji, along with lover/husband Naruto Uzumaki Background Sakura was born in the Land of Moon, ever since her she was known to be loyal to the Haruno clan, she earned the moniker "Moon Princess" as she was believed to be the daughter of the Moon King Hamura.

Sakura's uncle Yushiro Haruno tricked the Moon King into believing that the Haruno clan was planning a coup by taking over the Land of Moon, Hamura ordered his army along with the villagers by killing the whole clan, after hearing the truth the clan was then banished.

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