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She told all the all groups about where they were going and what our specific group schedule was going to be She also asked each of us to think about what we would take way from this experience to help us change us as a person.In our first activity we had to chat with other students from different schools and also make a list of what we all shared in common.Not knowing these people I was surprised on how much we all shared in common.Our group leader explained to us that if we as people don’t talk or communicate to other people then it’s much harder to succeed in life.For today I wish to state that our school community deserve to have the best possible facilities for the students of this school.Facilities that will support our curriculum programs and provide students with the best educational outcomes and prepare them for life, long after their secondary schooling is completed. Gunn did an amazing job making sure that the event went smoothly.

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It was at the dance floor that the SRC were able to shine.There is also talk about a concert at lunchtime coming soon. On the 29 June 2017 Cranbourne Secondary College This presentation given by Rhiannon Tracey taught me lessons that I will never forget.We are looking forward to being involved with the Presentation Ball. Her outlook on life and her positivity is amazing and extremely unique, considering her situation.A Builder is soon to be appointed and we look forward to an exciting upgrade of our school facilities.Olympic Academy Experience: Joshua Kimber, Year 11 On Friday, 23rd of June, Tyler Mason and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Olympic Academy at the MCG.

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