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If she is given a small scene or two, with decent dialogue i'm sure the acress will do fine, as we won't have enough scenes to really critique the actress properly.

I think they'll make Lavender a very comical character, one who will make the audience laugh a lot.

I guess we'll see lot about her in the next few months...

As well as a role in Wallace and Gromit, she'll also star in the next Harry Potter film as Ron Weasley's girlfriend Lavender Brown - which hits the cinema in 2008.

With her comedy debut in 2012, Jessie returns to Fringe with her new show, I Loved Her. On stage: In her anticipated debut show, Puppy Fat, Harriet Kemsley is quite literally a hot mess.

When she’s not mixing character comedy with brutally honest observations, Jessie’s work in fiction, television and film more than take her out of J. From a crippling anxiety disorder, to an overactive imagination to her obsession with the news, Harriet thinks everyone’s out to kill her – or at least ruin her day.

I really did expect Lavender to be much prettier, but she's okay I suppose.

Entre ses cours de théâtre et ses cours de management à la Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (une école d’art dramatique), elle n’a malheureusement pas le temps de courir tous les castings.

Elle se prépare à étudier à l’école dramatique d’Oxford mais le 13 novembre 2007, elle obtient le rôle de Lavande Brown en battant plus de 7000 autres jeunes filles !

I hope Lavender doesn't get the screen time Cho did.

She's a very insignificant character and certainly in that book they have way, way more important things to add than Ron's fly by romance.

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