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In-memory storage does not work if your environment includes more than one web server because each server would have a separate collection of connections.The first example shows a class that manages the mapping of users to connections.For information, see How to use Table storage from . The following example shows a table entity for storing connection information. It partitions the data by user name, and identifies each entity by the connection id, so a user can have multiple connections at any time. You can use any data access technology; however, the example below shows how to define models using Entity Framework.

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If your web servers stop working or the application restarts, the method is not called.I know there are some command-line applications like pdflatex that can help me to compile a La Tex document from C#. Most of the time, we end up with complex documents which might require several runs in order to reach a steady state. It's not so easy for to provide an answer, but I'll try.Therefore, it is possible that your data repository will have records for connection ids that are no longer valid.To clean up these orphaned records, you may wish to invalidate any connection that was created outside of a timeframe that is relevant to your application.

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