Error creating updating the odbc dsn

The first step on fixing this issue is to determine what connection is being made and then determine which ODBC driver to install or valid on the current machine or machine that is producing the error.

NOTE: Smart Connect is a 32-Bit application so it requires the 32-Bit version of any ODBC driver to be able to make the proper connection to the ODBC Data Source.

Otherwise, choose "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)". When opened ODBC window, "bagorder" DSN name was there and I assume CF created that one.

Choose this driver if it exists: "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)". BTW There is no password for any of my ACCESS databases. @agx The steps provided in ID: 41098969 worked for me!

I was trying to add a datasource for my Microsoft 2003 Accesss database "bagorder.mdb", but I get an error message "Unable to update the NT registry. Based on my brief research, I may have to install Coldfusion 11 32bit version instead. (2) What is the purpose of "Use Default User name" is for? Honestly, I don't remember how CF7 behaves, but the blog entry suggests CF is supposed to create an ODBC DSN for you automatically. ) However, it doesn't under CF11 64bit because that version doesn't fully support Access. The blog explains that when you create an Access DSN through the CF Admin, the CF server adds some keys to the windows registry. Unfortunately, CF11 64bit creates the wrong registry keys. Problem is the "ODBC Agent and Server (Seque Link) run as a 32-bit. Since the registry entries for a 32bit DSN are different, it's not found and that's why you get the "Unable to update the NT registry....".

EDIT: Sorry, went to post this before you installed 32bit version: Regarding CF11 64bit, this post mentions a similar bug in CF10. Then I added a new DSN "Bag Order", so there are two DSN names with the same name. I just checked ODBC in my CF v7 web server and I don't see any DSN names associated with CF/ACCESS database under System DSN.

When prompted for the ODBC connect string, enter the required connection parameters (DSN name, server, user login name, and password), as well as any other parameters that you would like to enter as part of the connect string.

Each workstation where Smart Connect is running will have its own set of ODBC Drivers installed so while a map pointing to Excel on one machine works, it is possible that another machine does not have the same set of drivers loaded and the connection cannot be made.

Connecting to Excel Files uses the 32-bit Microsoft Excel Drivers or Microsoft Access Database Drivers which can be downloaded if you are on a 64-bit machine.

When the Access Drivers are not installed or the 64-bit version only is installed we will get an error regarding the data source not found.

Make sure the column names are referenced correctly within the query since Smart Connect removes the spaces when displaying the data.

When using the column in a query, the actual name should be used from the Excel column header.

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