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He was another absolute doll, but even if he'd been a dog, I would have wanted him, as I loved the way he would pin politicians to the wall, having done his homework, and not let them get away with trying to avoid answering his questions or clouding the issues with lies or irrelevant information. R92: Here's something from an old Dallas Voice article:" Luck was on Brad Hawkinsx92 side when he got online and filled out his Readers Voice ballot. Hawkins answered some questions about his upcoming travel plans. In the past, how has your luck paid off when it comes to winning jackpots and prizes? If I get it together soon, a warm beach or an August vacation to do some kayaking in much cooler British Colombia. Favorite thing about leaving town: The binge while emptying the fridge. Name three destinations you want to visit before you croak: Sri Lanka and coastal India, Mozambique and Antarctica. But when he was in San Diego, I saw him at Club San Diego, the local bathhouse. - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC anchor - Sam Champion, GMA weather anchor - Charles Perez, former WPLG-TV anchor - Randy Price, WCVB-TV anchor (formerly of WHDH-TV) - Thomas Roberts, former CNN/HLN anchor - Craig Stevens, WSVN-TV anchor - John Ogden, WCAU-TV reporter News anchor that I do not believe are gay...

She worked in the CNBC’s as an anchor and reporter.

He used to wear a wedding ring and talk about his family all the time and now does neither. You can't swing a rainbow flag without hitting a weathergay here in CT. Watching The Early Show and Jeff Glor is in for Chris Wragge. Thomas Roberts, Jeffrey Donovan--who made Thomas look like John Wayne and George all on the same show. No, he was coatless, tieless and shoeless walking in the sand at Jones Beach - and you can see he's getting paunchy. Whoever talked about the Connecticut TV weathermen, besides the fact that we ALL know Scot Haney is in fact gay, how do you know the rest of them are?

Five of them on-air: Garett Argianas, Scot Haney, Mark Dixon, Ryan Hanrahan, and Darren Sweeney. He's nice to look at, but kind of flat in his delivery. I wonder how Sherri handled all those gay men on the show when she assumes only Thomas is gay because he is out. The guys reporting on the oil spill in the Gulf (Matt Gutman, Jeff Kofman) at least unbutton a second button on their shirts! Garrett I can see, but unless you have proof on the others, there's no justification they are gay.

She worked there from 1991 to 1996 and then owing to her skills and beauty was called upon to join WBIS-TV, a sports and business network in New York.

She was an anchor and reporter for WBIS-TV and frequented several of its programs.

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