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Hundreds of people turned out at Kiev airport late Wednesday to welcome home the released prisoners, waving national flags, bouquets of flowers and shouting 'Glory to Ukraine! The swap on the eve of the New Year and Orthodox Christmas holidays was agreed following negotiations involving Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine's leader Petro Poroshenko.

German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel greeted the long-awaited exchange as 'an important step in the implementation of the Minsk agreements', urging the sides to conduct further steps to fulfil the peace deal In his comment immediately after the exchange was completed, Poroshenko hailed the persistence of the Ukrainian soldiers.'I have just thanked our lads who are coming back from captivity.

Working in tandem, the rare multidisciplinary partnership of scholars is drawing from their respective fields to paint a comprehensive picture of 4th-5th century Christian life in the region.A released Ukrainian captive kisses his partner at the airport of Boryspil in Ukraine last night In the first exchange since September 2016, the Russian-backed eastern militia handed 73 prisoners over to Kiev.The Ukrainian side released 233 rebels and their supporters, officials from both sides said A series of truce deals has helped lower the level of violence but did not end the bloodshed.They have already “hit the jackpot” in their first season, with seven lengthy 1,600-year-old Greek inscriptions, said Aviam.(For fear of vandals, their exact locations are being withheld.) Decorated with a peacock, the five-meter long Greek inscription is the largest found in the area.

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