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The two met, started dating, then in 1985, Michael Pitts married Kathi Gamble in his hometown of Lima, Ohio.

In June 1986, with a 00 gift from his parents, they moved to Toledo to start a non-denominational Pentecostal church, named Cornerstone Church.

The Church had spent months remodeling what had been a "Bud's Deep Discount Store" into a 2500-seat sanctuary, also featuring state-of-the-art children's facilities for the more than 400 children to attend services each week. Stereotypically, the black Church has the spirit, and the white Church has the structure.

It was the first racially integrated Church in the region, and Pitts owes success to his preaching of "truth. My desire was to take the best of both Churches and combine them".

Michael Pitts is an American pastor, preacher, and author.

He is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church and oversees the Cornerstone Global Network, a network of over 150 churches throughout the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa and the UK.

From an early age, Michael struggled with the unwavering, unquestioning faith of his parent's Church.

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The Church had to move due to rapid growth, to a remodeled warehouse on Airport Highway.

By 14 years old he had a strong sense of God's presence, and made the decision to follow Christ during youth week at the Faith Gospel Tabernacle in Lima.

Soon afterwards, he was attending Mount Olivet Church of God in Christ, where he was "baptized in the Holy Spirit, and started speaking in tongues".

I read Augustine and the Eastern church fathers that way. Pitts has had three mentors during his time in ministry. The next was Carlton Pearson, who Pitts parted ways with after Pearson started preaching a doctrine of inclusivity (that all go to heaven).

In 2015 he commenced monthly revival services in San Jose, California at a Church called Jubilee Christian Center.

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