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See the Venus web page for more about Earth-Venus synods and their precessional pentagonal pattern.The Earth-planet star alignments (looking from the Sun / heliocentric view) reveal the nature of the specific synodic cycle theme.In doing so we gain far greater understanding of the meaning of the picture and how it fits into a greater evolutionary narrative.Looking at the location of the planets at the start of a cycle, the theme of the cycle defined by the conjoining stars, and where we are in each cycle provides far more insight about the snapshot in time.If we are referring to a synodic cycle created by two planets other than Earth, we then clarify that by saying a Mars-Jupiter synodic cycle or a Venus-Jupiter synodic cycle, etc.The following illustration shows two successive synods between Earth and Venus, which creates one Earth-Venus synodic cycle, and which has a duration of 1.6 Earth years.A natal astrology chart (or any astrological chart) is a picture of one moment frozen in time.Looking at the aspects of the chart in the context of the cycles in which they exist is like looking at the movie from which that picture was taken.

Note to astrologers: When a planet and the Sun are opposite in a geocentric chart (excluding Mercury or Venus), this is the same as seeing the Earth and the planet conjoined in a heliocentric chart (a chart which views the planets from the Sun's perspective.) This is when the Sun, Earth, and planet align.

Although we are not technically or ethically prepared to undertake this type of operation, known as geo-engineering, we might be forced to do so in 20 or 30 years' time if global warming becomes unbearable.

From this viewpoint, it is necessary to study the effects that releasing the SO would have, and consider all potential reaction chains.

Sulfur dioxide is also found on Earth, released mainly by volcanic eruptions.

Sometimes reaching altitudes as high as 20 kilometers , it turns into sulphuric acid, causing the formation of small droplets.

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